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Cincinnati's Best Water Softener Systems 

Adding a GE Water Softener System will enhance the quality of water in your home by reducing hard water and mineral build-up. 

The efficiency of your water heater dictates how much salt you have to buy. Sizing a softener correctly ensures you purchase one that never runs out of soft water, uses the smallest amount of salt possible and creates cost savings. We can help you determine the best size for your home. 

GE Water Softener System
  • Improves water quality - especially in Cincinnati where hard water can be an issue in many areas.

  • Helps keep your skin from getting dry in the winter, as it softens the water.

  • Capacity of 40,000 grains

  • Salt storage capacity 230

  • Water used for regeneration: 32 gallons

  • Electronic contros make it easy to program

  • System monitor lets you know when salt is needed

$999 installed - LIMITED TIME OFFER
water softer.jpg

Originally $1499, now all water softeners are $999 installed ($500 OFF original price).

With 120 month special financing, that's just $15/month for 120 months. Qualified buyers only. Ask for details.


This offer is for a limited time. If you require more than 20 feet of water line, additional charges will apply.

We've been installing water softeners for over 60 years and are happy to help improve the water in your home, too.   

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